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Make your dull profile attractive and stylish with this editor. Simply Choose colors, sizes, borders, etc. MySpace Profile Editor

Upload your image and get codes to share it with friends on MySpace. Very simple to use and all codes provided! Image Upload

Get the color hex code to any color of your choice and apply it to your myspace layout. Color Picker

Codes to special characters like ♥, †, ♠, etc. Hundreds of special characters! Special Characters

Change your boring default online now icon to a much better icon. Over 120 online now icons available inside! Online Now Icons

Change your boring default contact table to a more stylish one. Over 200 contact tables available inside! Contact Tables

Create a custom comment box for your profile! Your visitors will be able to comment you without clicking the "Add Comment" link Custom Comment Box

Add as many friends as you want instead of being limited to a measley top 8. Very simple to use. Custom Friends List Code

Fill out a survey and share it with friends on your MySpace profile. MySpace Surveys

MySpace layouts to make your profile look stylish instead of plain and boring! MySpace Layouts: layouts for MySpace. MySpace Surveys

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